czwartek, 2 listopada 2017

Good morning everyone ^^

As we all know beginnings are the hardest, but everything has his beginning, so I also have and it's it.
Nice to meet ya guys, I hope we will spend together a lot of time! Of course, nowadays there are many bloggers, theoretically same as me, but I wanna be different, I want to be a person, who can interest you a little more than others ^^

I'm Ann and from August I'm an adult, yes, yes I'm 18 yrs old. Maybe I don't look like, but I am. What's more...

I'm little crazy and scatterbrained, but I'm doing my best in school and generally in life. I'm deeply interested in Asian culture, yes these strange things called anime and manga.
Also, I'm interested in fashion, as all teens, you know, making outfits, buying new clothes is something that I love. So be prepared, because in this blog you can find things connected with it.
Generally, I told You everything that's important, other things you will know later, after being with me more, I hope I will also know all of you better.